[Woman is seen running in an alley, away from the camera. ]


[Zoom in on the woman's face while she now runs toward the camera on a regular road and people can be seen in the background.]


[Zoom in on the woman’s feet running. The camera view is flipped upside-down]


[Zoom in on heel of GEL Kayano? 26 shoe heel labelled “Advanced Impact Absorption. Shear Deformation GEL? technology”. ]

0:00:10, 0:00:16

[Zoom in through heel strike of shoe labelled FLYTEFOAM? Propel]


[Zoom in on bottom of shoe sole. The bottom of the shoe is shown splashing through water on a clear surface, and is labelled “Stable Ride with DUOMAX? GUIDANCE LINE”.]


[Side view of woman running, shown from the neck up.]


[Zoom out on the woman running away from the camera shown on a wet, reflective surface. The words “PROTECT YOUR EVERY STEP. GEL KAYANO? 26 APPEAR.]


[Same frame of the woman running away from the camera on wet, reflective surface. The Words “PROTECT YOUR EVERY STEP. GEL KAYANO? 26” fade out and the ASICS logo appears with the tagline “Win the Long Run” underneath.]